Weight Training and Fat Burning

Incorporating weight/strength training into your regular exercise program can help burn unwanted fat pounds for two reasons. One reason is muscle fiber and the other is an increase in your metabolic rate. Weight/strength training should be practiced at least three times per week.

Resistance, in each of the major muscle groups, should cause fatigue from 8-12 consistent repetitions performed in a slow, controlled manner. There are three types of muscle fiber which include slow twitch, fast twitch and pure fast twitch. Slow twitch fibers get most of their energy from fat burning. Pure fast twitch get energy from
glycogen.Pure fast twitch fibers burn less fat than slow twitch fibers.The benefit of high
intensity weight/strength training is you can change the type of fiber causing more fat to be burned. A sensible, long term weight/strength training program allows avoidance of decreasing lean muscle and metabolic rate.

Weight/strength training will improve the overall functionality of your life!

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