"Thank you Doctor Veres! My comparison photos are shocking and I feel great. Thank you for helping me on my weight loss journey."

Beth G.

"My experience has been a more successful diet than any other I have tried. The Trileana™ drops are worth it. I have noticed a quicker weight loss that seems to have targeted more troublesome areas."

Adrienne S.

"I was stuck on 260 lbs. and needed a jump start...Trileana™ did exactly that. I lost over a pound a day. I actually went down to 196 lbs. and had to add weight back on. I’m currently maintaining 215-220 lbs. Trileana™ really helped with my eating habits. I was able to retrain my brain to look at food differently and my energy level went through the roof. I’ve maintained my weight at 215-220 lbs. for just over 4 months effortlessly."

Bob P.

"I lost 8 pounds the first month and 2 inches around my waist. I am also taking the shots each week. They seem to help with energy and promote me to stay on the diet."

Linda B.