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    “I have lost inches and my pant sizes have gotten smaller.
    The weight loss is tremendous!”
    - Marsha T.

Our Services

Medical Weight Loss Coaching

Lose weight and stay fit under the direction of a physician. Dr. Zachary Veres identifies the right weight loss program for you and guides you through your weight loss journey.

Medical Weight Loss Products

We offer fast-acting appetite suppressants and weight loss medications that increase metabolism and control food cravings.

Medical Weight Loss Supplements & Meals

Visit our Online Store for high-quality nutritional supplements and delicious meal replacement items. Try our tasty shakes, smoothies, protein bars and snacks!

Virtual Care

In addition to seeing patients at his office, Dr. Veres is now available to you right from your smartphone, tablet or computer for virtual treatment using Vayda Virtual Care. Dr. Veres offers virtual consultations for new and existing patients. Create your profile and then schedule a virtual appointment with Dr. Veres today using the Vayda Virtual Care button below.


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