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The Sweet Poison – Sugar

In our over-load information society, we have been told many conflict- ing facts about proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but one area that has not been misunderstood is SUGAR. By now, we should all know the answer to the question, How much sugar am I allowed in one day? The answer is zero. There is no...
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Weight Training and Fat Burning

Incorporating weight/strength training into your regular exercise program can help burn unwanted fat pounds for two reasons. One reason is muscle fiber and the other is an increase in your metabolic rate. Weight/strength training should be practiced at least three times per week. Resistance, in each of the major muscle groups, should cause fatigue from 8-12...
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Nutrition Myths and Fallacies

1. VITAMINS WILL ENHANCE YOUR STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE. False. Vitamins supply the body no calories and cannot be used as fuel. The body excretes 70% of the vitamins that it does not need. Only people who are deficient in an area should take necessary supplements. Please consult your physician or a Registered Dietitian before increasing your...
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With all the talk about losing weight, eating too much fat or not enough protein, many res- taurants have began gearing their menus toward a healthier way of eating. More people are becoming conscious about what they eat; therefore, finding items on the menus of their favorite restaurants is no longer difficult. Most restaurants will...
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