"I have lost 17.5 pounds in three and a half weeks, plus two inches of waistline. I hope to lose more."

Carrie K.

"I am 82 years old, really obese and have a critical case of COPD. For me, walking 200 feet was impossible. I heard of Trileana™ from Dr. Veres. I wanted to try it. I tried multiple diets my whole life without success. Now after being on Trileana™ after five weeks, I have lost 30+ pounds. I feel better and breathe better. I can walk better. I can't say enough for the diet and hope to lose 100 pounds. Thank you."

Anthony P.

"I have lost an immediate 13 pounds in one month from following the Trileana™ diet. I would definitely recommend this diet to anyone wanting to lose weight. I have noticed a difference in my clothing also. It has taken inches along with weight. If followed as stated you will continue to lose. I plan to continue in the new year as the diet plan states and continue to lose weight."

Margie P.

"I have lost inches and my pant sizes have gotten smaller. The weight loss is tremendous."

Marsha T.