"I used Trileana™ for several months or so, off and on. It seemed to help reduce my hunger and I felt good with the combined vitamin shots. The only thing that was difficult to maintain was the very low cal diet. I was restricted to no carbs! I would recommend Trileana™ to someone who wants or needs to lose weight and change their way of eating. It has changed my life. I went from 152 to 132 pounds."

Lisa R.

"I have lost 19 pounds thus far in four weeks. My goal is 30 pounds. I have had very good results. I would recommend Trileana™ to anyone."

Linda B.

"I have lost 17.5 pounds in three and a half weeks, plus two inches of waistline. I hope to lose more."

Carrie K.

"I am 82 years old, really obese and have a critical case of COPD. For me, walking 200 feet was impossible. I heard of Trileana™ from Dr. Veres. I wanted to try it. I tried multiple diets my whole life without success. Now after being on Trileana™ after five weeks, I have lost 30+ pounds. I feel better and breathe better. I can walk better. I can't say enough for the diet and hope to lose 100 pounds. Thank you."

Anthony P.