More Calcium, More Weight Loss!

It is common knowledge that calcium builds strong bones and teeth. But did you know calcium contributes to weight loss? Research tells us it does!

  • Higher calcium & vitamin D at breakfast increases metabolism over a 24-hour period.
  • Higher calcium is associated with more calories burned & a higher rate of fat metabolism.
  • Lower calcium leads to an increase in cortisol production, which increases belly fat.

NOTE: While calcium supplements may provide bone-strengthening benefits, there is no evidence that they offer support for weight loss.

So what source of calcium does the research recommend?


  • A study found that high-dairy eaters were able to lose significantly more weight than low-dairy eaters.
  • One hypothesis is that dairy products provide feelings of fullness, thus leading to a decrease in overall calorie consumption.


  • Dairy products often come with a high calorie count, so opt for low-fat dairy products.
  • Add vitamin D, which is extremely critical to the proper absorption of calcium.
    • Choose dairy products fortified with vitamin D.
    • Spend some time in the sun (which naturally produces vitamin D).
    • Take a vitamin D supplement.
  • Remember, increasing calcium intake is just ONE way you can boost your weight loss efforts.

Information provided by Center for Medical Weight Loss.

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