Want to lose weight in 2017? You may need to alter what type of fuel you put into your body. Start with this: take notice of advertisements for processed and packaged food and see how much of it is in your kitchen! Generally, food production companies are selling food and beverage products made by humans, not nature.

Real food like organic plants, vegetables, fruit and meats are in their natural state and provide nutrition for the body—without any preservatives, hormones, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers added. Meanwhile, substances like artificial sweeteners and vegetable oils are processed—and while they may taste good—can lead to obesity.


Avoid soda and sports drinks more often this year.

  • They are high in sugar and a lot of them contain unhealthy artificial sweeteners.

Consider purchasing a water purifier or drinking more spring water this year.

  • Water from the tap is known to contain water treatment chemicals that may not be good for you.

Eat 2-1/2 cups of a wide variety of vegetables per day. (U.S. dietary guidelines)

  • Vegetables can help you feel full without eating a lot of calories.

Eat 2 cups of real, whole fruit per day. (U.S. dietary guidelines)

  • Real, whole fruit has fiber, which helps with digestion and provides essential vitamins.

Try organic beef, poultry, fish & eggs on occasion.

  • While organic meat is more expensive than non-organic meat, organic meat comes from animals that are not given antibiotics or hormones, and graze in open pastures similar to the animal’s natural habitat. And, organic feed given to these animals is grown in soil free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizers.

If eating and drinking like this is new to you, give it a try and be patient with yourself. If you find that you need help creating a weight loss plan customized to your own needs, give me a call! I’ll give you specific recommendations on real food choices, plus suggest our protein shakes and dietary supplements (found on our website) that are right for you. Your body will thank you for it!

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