11 Reasons we don’t lose our belly fat

Excessive belly fat makes us more prone to diabetes, heart disease and many forms of cancer.

Here are 11 reasons why we don't lose our belly fat:

  1. We are getting older - As we age our resting metabolic rate drops.
  2. We are doing the wrong workouts - It is very important to do a balance of cardio and moderate weight training for effective weight loss.
  3. We are eating too many processed foods.
  4. We are eating the wrong fats - Too many saturated fats lead to belly fat. Unsaturated fats such as olive oil, nuts, salmon and avocados are key.
  5. Our workouts aren't challenging enough.
  6. We are doing the wrong exercises - Concentrate on the CORE exercises as a whole instead of just crunches or sit ups.
  7. We let ourselves get stressed out - Increases in stress levels causes us to eat more.
  8. We don't get enough sleep - Regular sleep of 7-9 hours is key.
  9. We are genetically shaped wrong.
  10. We are sick - Illness keeps our belly fat intact.
  11. We are unmotivated - Set goals for yourself each and every day.

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